For years Medallion Funding LLC. and Freshstart Venture Capital Corp. have been recognized as two of the preeminent companies that are involved in the financing of taxicab medallions. These medallions are the licenses required to operate taxicabs in the major cities where we conduct business. These cities include New York, Boston, Chicago, Newark, and Cambridge. Additionally, we also extend commercial loans that are used to support the operating needs of our taxi fleet owners.

Due to the limited supply of these medallions in the cities where we conduct business, and our prudent underwriting standards, Medallion Funding and Freshstart Venture Capital have been able to expand their loan portfolios with very minor losses on the more than $900 million in taxicab loans that have been made over the years.

For more information regarding our taxicab medallion loans, please feel free to contact Thomas Munson at (212) 328-2122 or via e-mail at MFC Information Requests.